Get the latest release of Cryptogram Messenger app for Android. If your smartphone does not have Google Play Store installed - get the Cryptogram Messenger app directly by clicking the button below.


How To Install Cryptogram Messenger Directly


Open this page on your smartphone running Android 6.0 and later. Click "Download for Android" button above. Confirm installation. This will install Cryptogram.

* please make sure that "Install from unknown sources" option is enabled on your Android smartphone.


Warning! If you already had the application previously installed from Google Play Store - your user account will be re-created after direct installation and replaced with the new one!

Google Services

Cryptogram Messenger can be installed on devices with no Google Services available.



To continue getting notifications about incoming messages you'll need an alternative notifications package to be installed on your device. For example, MicroG.



Without Google Services you can't send or receive location messages to/from other users.


Data Safety

All data collection and safety policies apply for directly installed app as well as for the app installed from the Play Store.

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